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National Chiao Tung University
National Chiao Tung University

Re-established in 1958, this is a beautiful campus. Sculptures of the Master Artist Yuyu Yang like "Flowing Sleeves," "Bright Moon" and "Zhuoying" as well as 13 other pieces can be seen dotted about the campus. Its broad, open campus is filled with lush greenery. "the Pavilion in the Bamboo Grove," "the South-point Scenic Point," the tree lined, winding road leading to Bamboo Lake, willow trees by the Lake, and Lotus Pond, are some of the 14 breathtaking scenic spots found here.

  • Location: No. 1001, Daxue Rd., East Dist., Hsinchu City
  • Suggested attractions nearby: National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu Science Park, Tsing Hua Night Market
  • Traffic Suggestion: Bus: 2
National Tsing Hua University
National Tsing Hua University

Re-established in 1956, the campus has much historical and cultural value. The second gate of National Tsing Hua University is in imitation of the one in the Qing Dynasty Imperial Garden (Xiaowuye Garden) in Tsinghua, Beijing. Engraved on the arches of the gate are the words "Tsinghua Park. Tsinghua's campus can be described as elegant with the willow, acacia and kunming trees growing luxuriously. The 3 lakes and blooming plants make the campus a must-see place.

  • Location: No.101, Sec. 2, Guangfu Rd., East Dist., Hsinchu City
  • Suggested attractions nearby: Tsing Hua Night Market, 18 Peaks Mountain Park, World Expo Taiwan Pavilion
  • Traffic Suggestion: Bus: 1 
18 Peaks Mountain Park
18 Peaks Mountain Park

18 Peaks Mountain road was opened up in 1927. The winding, cresent-shaped road on 18 Peaks Moutain Park is about 7 to 8 kilometers long and wraps around the south-eastern side of Hsinchu. 18 Peaks Mountain has literally 18 shallow peaks, and fragrant flowering plants line the paths where visitors go to relax or exercise. Visitors can enjoy the many gazebos built along the way like the elegantly designed, hexagon-shaped, "Xinfu Pavilion (Pavilion of Happiness)" and the "Jieshou Pavilion (Pavilion of Longevity)" located at the highest point of the mountain. The mountain also boasts 33 stone statues of Guanyin (with 24 that are still visible), and is Taiwan's first forest park construction. The Flower Festival is held annually in March when flowers such as camellias, azaleas, apricot, peach and osmanthus fowers come into full bloom.

  • Location: Baoshan Road and Bo'ai Road, East Dist., Hsinchu City
  • Suggested attractions nearby: National Hsinchu Senior High School, Hsinchu Zoo, Gao Fong Arboretum
  • Traffic Suggestion: Bus: 1, 31
Hsinchu Park
Hsinchu Park

Hsinchu Park, fomerly known as Zhongshan Park, covers an area of 18 hectares. It is also known as Public Park NO. 2 and was founded in 1916. Hsinchu Park is only 10 minutes away from the Hsinchu Railway Station. Pine and cypress trees can be found here, as well as Lichi Pond, and Lakeside Liao Pavilion, stadiums, swimming pools, etc. This historical park is unique because of its many functions for leisure, sports, and culture.

  • Location: No.2, Sec. 1, Dongda Rd., East Dist., Hsinchu City
  • Suggested attractions nearby: Glass Museum of Hsinchu City, Hsinchu Zoo, Hsinchu Weekend Flower Market, Hsinchu ConfuciusTemple
  • Traffic Suggestion: Bus: 1, 2, 31
19 Hectares Grassland
19 Hectares Grassland

19 Hectares Grassland is located within the hills of Xiangshan. The naturally occuring grasslands and forest area are a precious natural setting for Hsinchu. This flat grassland supports Tung Oil Tree saplings and Blackboard Tree saplings. Dotted with gazebos to provide shade, this picturesque area is perfect for relaxing, and even for flying a kite.

  • Location: Take Yuanpei Street towards Xiangshan Junior High School (marked along the way) Ln. 167, Dahu Rd., Xiangshan Dist., Hsinchu City (follow the markers, near Chung Hua University)
  • Suggested attractions nearby: Splendid Coastline, Chung Hua University, Xiangshan Tin Hau Temple, Sheng Mu Temple
  • Traffic Suggestion: Free Bus: 77
Hsinchu Moat and Riverside Garden
Hsinchu Moat and Riverside Garden

Hsinchu Moat and Riverside Garden has a good reputation much like the River Seine. Surrounding the river visitors can enjoy the cultural atmosphere and enjoy the historic value of the city. The East Gate is one of the main preserved monuments, but also many of the Japanese colonial period buildings that existed in what was downtown can be seen while walking on the green trail along the river. On both sides of the river are designer cafes; street performers show their art during the weekends and holidays. Definitely a great place for a casual and comfortable stroll.

  • Location: Stretches from Linsen Road to Zhongyang Road
  • Suggested attractions nearby: National Hsinchu Senior High School, Hsinchu Zoo, Hsinchu Railway Station, The East Gate
  • Traffic Suggestion: Walk from city center
Green Grass (Ching-Tsao) Lake
Green Grass (Ching-Tsao) Lake

Green Grass (Ching-Tsao) Lake is a significant reservoir with a design that was adapted from the blueprints of the famous Hangzhou West Lake, by the Hsinchu City Government in 2007. A series of trails around the lake take visitors to scenic spots like the Lingyin Temple, Phoenix Bridge, Moon Bridge, Yu Fei Island and other attractions. Visitors can walk or cycle around the lake.

  • Location: Ln. 775, Minghu Rd., East Dist., Hsinchu City
  • Suggested attractions nearby: Lingyin Temple, Filial Lee Hsi-Cin Stone Arch, Putian Temple
  • Traffic Suggestion: Free Bus: 73 Long-distance bus: Hsinchu to San Feng, Xin Cheng, Dahu Village
Hsinchu Zoo
Hsinchu Zoo

As Hsinchu Zoo has been in operation since 1936, it is Taiwan's oldest and mini zoo. Each year approximately 400,000 people visit thereby allowing the zoo to provide community education. It is also a nostalgic place for residents of Hsinchu as most have childhood memories here. In addition, as the zoo is within the boundaries of Hsinchu Park it is a central point and also an area for activities. Not only does the zoo feature recreational education but also makes it a mission to practice animal conservation and environmental education.
The Cutest Animals Live Here
Animals that are nurtured here are commonly loved by children and are pretty tame. Cattle, sheep, horses, peacocks and chickens and other farm animals, as well as cute little bunnies are housed here. It is a family oriented zoo that all can enjoy.
Deer Park
At the Deer Park, there are trees, hills and a pond. Every year the bucks grow new antlers. The doe deers are very sweet and enjoy being close to visitors. When visiting here, please remember not to feed the animals, to avoid getting the deer sick.

  • Location: No.111, Boai St., East Dist., Hsinchu City
  • Opening Hours: 08:30-17:00. Closed Mondays (except for National Holidays)
  • Ticket Price: 20NT
  • Suggested attractions nearby: Glass Museum of Hsinchu City, Hsinchu Park, Hsinchu Weekend Flower Market, Hsinchu Confucius Temple
  • Traffic Suggestion: Bus: 1, 2, 31
Gao Fong Arboretum
Gao Fong Arboretum

Gao Fong Arboretum is a botanical garden built in 1932 Japanese colonial period. Formerly known as "Chi Tu Qi Forest experimental station," it covers an area of about 2 hectares. It has cultivated a variety of native plants and exotic species, namely 342 species of plants, 40 species of birds and 20 kinds of insects have also been found within the arboretum. Visitors can see migratory birds during the changing seasons or resident birds perched high up and enjoy the lush ecosystem.

The garden prides itself on its forests and on preserving the original bamboo trail, walking trail, and also the rustic mud trails that allow visitors to get close to nature.Visitors can walk with the help of marked maps, and signs. A casual self-tour that loops around the property will take about an hour and is an easy walk with guided interpretative signs on both sides of the trail along the way. Enjoy a walk that will stimulate the senses and intellect.

  • Location: Neighborhood 9, Xiang Gong Vil., Boashan Rd., East Dist., Hsinchu City
  • Suggested attractions nearby: Green Grass (Ching-Tsao) Lake, Putian Temple, 18 Peaks Mountain Park
  • Traffic Suggestion: Bus: 20
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